Digital Essentials Level 1

Duration: The course is delivered one day per week

Digital Essentials Level 1 is a 30 hour pre-accredited program that is designed to help learners understand the basics of various areas of technology, including different digital devices, their functionality and the ways people can use these devices to connect with others and access services over the Internet. This program covers broad areas of different aspects of technology in an introductory sense.

Topics covered include:

  1. Using your smartphone
  2. Using SMS
  3. Connecting and working safely
  4. Navigating the Internet
  5. Using email
  6. Using social media
  7. Using apps and software
  8. Everyday technology
  9. Staying safe online

 The program supports learners to gain digital skills through practical and applied learning activities. Each module provides opportunities for learners to participate in individual, small group or whole class activities, helping them to build confidence and develop their skills.

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