ABN: 31 721 175 099                                                              REG: A0029457W                                                                           TOID: 3940

Our Purpose

Meadow Heights Education Centre aims to improve quality of life through
adult education for the community, in a safe nonthreatening
environment, in the areas of education,
recreation, leisure and children’s services.

Our Aims and Objectives

– Meet the needs of our culturally, linguistically and socio-economically diverse community
– Provide accessible vocational education and training
– Provide youth, recreation and leisure programs
– Provide community development services and support
– Provide free services to those experiencing financial
hardship or challenging circumstances
– Engage the local community in learning
– develop fundraising and income raising activities

  • Our center strives to meet the diverse needs of our community, including those from different cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • We provide accessible vocational education and training programs to support learners in achieving their personal and professional goals.
  • Our center offers a range of programs for youth, recreation, and leisure, providing opportunities for social engagement and personal development.
  • We provide community development services and support, working to empower individuals and build strong and resilient communities.
  • Our center offers free services to those facing financial hardship or challenging circumstances, ensuring that everyone has access to education and support.
  • We engage the local community in learning and work to develop fundraising and income-raising activities to sustain and grow our programs and services.

Meet our Directors

Meet our staff